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Originally from Michigan, I found my way to Charlotte after college and quickly fell in love with the city. I'm deeply rooted in my faith, fueled by good coffee, and always up for an adventure with my beloved shepadoodle, Rory.

My journey with photography began in high school, where a film class sparked my passion. Despite always having a creative and artistic streak, it was the moment I held my first camera that I knew I had found my calling.

In college, I delved into photography more professionally. Leading the university’s yearbook and newspaper photography team as the head photographer, and interning with a wedding photographer, taught me invaluable skills in lighting and posing. As I started booking more weddings and portrait sessions, I realized my true passion lay in storytelling through photography.

Today, I specialize in family, newborn, and wedding photography. I firmly believe that each person has a unique and beautiful story to tell. By taking the time to sit down with my clients before every session, I ensure that their photos authentically reflect their individuality. No coping poses off Pinterest, no stiff stances – just a collaboration between me and my clients to capture their story in the most meaningful way possible.

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I grew up in:

Southern Michigan with my two sisters and it was a whirlwind of adventures. From exploring our backyard to diving into new artistic crafts, our days were filled with laughter and endless exploration. These memories continue to inspire my creativity.

A great afternoon for me involves:

Getting lost in the tranquility of my garden or immersed in a creative project. Gardening and crafting are not just hobbies for me; they're a source of joy and fulfillment, allowing me to express my creativity and connect with the beauty of nature.

I have always wanted to:

Visit all the US national parks. I'm on a mission to explore and appreciate the incredible diversity of landscapes and ecosystems our country has to offer. Each park holds its own unique charm and beauty, and I'm excited to experience them all firsthand.

I am almost always:

Drinking a cup of coffee, lost in the melody of music, with a captivating crime book tucked away in my purse. Fueled by caffeine, inspired by tunes, and intrigued by thrilling mysteries, these are the simple pleasures that accompany me through life's adventures.